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For nearly 40 years MedTec has provided a design, draughting and engineering service to organisations who lack their own in-house facilities, and a support service to those whose own staff are overloaded – a flexible workforce available at a moment’s notice to support the engineering community.

The work ethic of the MedTec’s team has always impressed our clients; meaning they come back for repeat business. Many of our clients we have been using our services for nearly 30 years.

MedTec has gained experience from a wide variety of projects, which when linked with the latest software gives us the ability to produce a full design package to a particularly high standard. A standard which has gained us our ISO9001 certification and recognition from local authorities for quality in business.

MedTec have worked on a huge number of projects within the engineering industry. Providing design services for a vast range of industries including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Composite structures and M.O.D. Please view our experiences pages to see some of the more recent projects for different sectors we have been working on.


CAD & Engineering Design Specialists in Hampshire MedTec Design

Why Choose MedTec?

With an emphasis on quality, our design work is prepared and rigorously checked in accordance with established procedures and recognised standards in quality management through our ISO9001 certification. Our repeat business from clients allows us to feel confident that the design packages they have received have resulted in trouble free production and produced successful results.

Contact is of paramount importance to any successful company and we have made it our priority to ensure that our design team meets and connects with our client’s team, either onsite or in-house. Personal communication strengthens our relationships and gives a far clearer and stronger objective for the projects we undertake. Gaining rapport and dealing directly with the right person ensures that the flow of a project is speeded up and lost time is kept to a minimum. With MedTec you get a whole design houses input, experience and expertise to assist in your projects, with support whenever you need it most.

MedTec Directors

MedTec - Meet The Team - Dan

Daniel Carley

Commercial Director

As a director, Dan oversees the commercial aspect of MedTec Design Services Ltd. One of the most important elements to his role is business development and strategic growth.

MedTec - Meet The Team - Chris

Chris Hooper

Technical Director

As a director of MedTec Design Services Ltd, Chris handles the technical aspect of the business. This includes 2D and 3D drawing, 3D printing and anything else in between. 

MedTec - Meet The Team - Andrew

Andrew Durrell


Andrew has spent most of his career working in wind energy, helping world leaders in the field to design more efficient & advanced wind turbine blades, utilising his knowledge at MedTec.


MedTec Founded

Previously located on Samuel Whites Estate Cowes, MedTec was founded in 1981 by original directors John Durrell & Peter Hodgson.

19Something or Rather


MedTec transitioned from drawing board to producing 2D CAD (Computer Assisted Design) on a software package called ‘VersaCAD’. The work was predominately producing P&ID’s

19Something Again

3D Solid Modelling

MedTec began 3D Solid Modelling. MedTec began 3D Solid Modelling. MedTec began 3D Solid Modelling. MedTec began 3D Solid Modelling. MedTec began 3D Solid Modelling. 


New Director

In 2013 Peter Hodgson retired. In 2013 Peter Hodgson retired. In 2013 Peter Hodgson retired. In 2013 Peter Hodgson retired.


Directors Team Retire

John and Joe retire in January 2017. John and Joe retire in January 2017. John and Joe retire in January 2017. 


Appointment of New Directors

Daniel, Chris, Andrew took over the running of the company; within the change of leadership came a change of branding and premises.

MedTec Design Services Directors

John Durrell & Peter Hodgson

MedTec Design Services Directors

Joe Kitney

MedTec Design Services Directors

Andrew, Daniel, Chris

Daniel Carley

MedTec - Meet The Team - Dan

As a director, I oversee the commercial aspect of MedTec Design Services Ltd. One of the most important elements to my role is Business Development and Strategic Growth. I identify and assess new market sectors, growth areas, trends, customers and products and services, as well as set aims and objectives in order to develop, grow and improve the business. 

I take great pride and responsibility in my ability to successfully secure new business for MedTec, this has been evident in the pivotal role that I have played in bringing a vast number of new major clients to the company, many of which I have nurtured into repeat business.

I also manage the day to day administration of the business including everything from HR and finance to health and safety. Additionally, my role encompasses the management and administration behind the work experience opportunities that MedTec provides to young design engineer enthusiasts. Exceptional customer relations go hand in hand with the fantastic services that we offer, so it is my job to ensure that every client’s requirements are met and that they feel valued, understood and appreciated as MedTec customers.

I regularly network with other businesses at local events as a way of creating new and building on current customer relationships, reinforcing just how important our client liaison is to us. Furthermore, the marketing of the company is under my domain, I am in charge of maintaining MedTec’s corporate identity, as well as the branding and design of everything from our website to our promotional material.

I have been the driving force behind the implementation of our new Quality Management System, allowing us to gain ISO 9001 certification from the British Assessment Bureau for Quality Management Systems. This assures our customers that we have the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet their needs as well as the international regulatory requirements.

chris hooper

MedTec - Meet The Team - Chris

As a director of MedTec Design Services Ltd, I handle the technical aspect of the business with over 35 years’ experience in engineering design. This includes being design lead , advanced 3D modelling, 2D drafting and 3D printing and anything else in between.

My main responsibilities lie within Project Lead and Project Management, ensuring client requirements are met and exceeded from the start to finish of a project. I also focus on business development helping to create long term value for MedTec by identifying new business opportunities and seeking ways of improving the way in which the business operates.

Another responsibility of mine is the management of the company’s IT system including the CAD software and data management and security systems, the latter two aiding us to achieve ISO 9001 certification from the British Assessment Bureau for Quality Management Systems. The leadership and mentoring of our junior employees is yet another important part of my role as a director, this helps ensure we are transferring our expert industry knowledge throughout our entire team.

Managing and building our customer relationships is something that we take pride in at MedTec, it’s part of my job to make sure that we exceed the expectations of our clients and the way in which we communicate and deal with them, allowing them to feel understood and valued.


MedTec - Meet The Team - Andrew

My Dad was one of the founding partners of MedTec, so I grew up in this technical engineering environment, which I naturally always had an interest in. I ended up doing an apprenticeship with MedTec at age 16, combined with a day release engineering course at the Isle of Wight College. I’ve come and gone from the business over the years, in various engineering roles, but been back with MedTec since 2012.

I have spent most of my career working in wind energy, helping one of the world leaders in the field design more efficient and advanced wind turbine blades. People often see wind turbines spinning away generating electricity but underestimate the amount of design work that has gone into the blades, the components inside, the processes involved in making them and the amount of complex technology going on beneath the surface. It’s a competitive industry where things are constantly evolving, there are plenty of challenges to keep me busy and the fact I’m working in green energy makes me happy.

I enjoy the diverse mix of work that comes through the door, we’ve taken on some really interesting projects over the years, from the big global companies to the small one man bands, the variety of work and people you meet along the way means it rarely gets boring.

Working for a small company like MedTec means you get treated like an individual, not simply a resource. We’re a friendly professional team and it’s a great environment to quickly pick up new skills and experience.

We’ve got a really great team of staff here, and we are planning on building up our numbers this year. I believe that if we continuously improve our capabilities and the services we offer, as well as keeping our regular customers happy, we will win new clients, enabling us expand the business and our numbers.