Creating a Holistic Air Source Heat Pump

Working with Greenmill, MedTec designed holistic air source heat pump – overcoming various challenges along the way.




3D Printing, Cost Analysis, Engineering Design, Fabrication, FEA, Manufacturing Package


Autodesk Inventor, 3Ds Max, Autodesk Vault


Air source heat pumps are increasing in popularity. However, they are as standard a bulky and unattractive energy solution. Currently, there is no holistic solution that can be applied pre/post-installation, as well as being available in both commercial and private market sectors.


With design parameters such as size, weight, materials, and production costs outlined by the client the team began work producing an iterative selection of initial design concepts. All design work was assessed against the constraints set out by the heat pump supplier/s. Once drafted, these concepts were assessed using a compatibility matrix, weighing the importance of the client’s criteria against the design. Once the best fit concept was chosen, the team began to refine the design. Using a strong inside knowledge of manufacturing processes, the various parts of the enclosure were adjusted and where possible standardised, as well as detailed cost analysis for large-scale manufacture. 

To ensure that the safety and functionality of the design would meet the highly regulated criteria for the application, FEA and stress simulation were completed to ensure structural integrity and longevity of the product. To assist the client with fabrication, the team created a full CAD package with both part and assembly level drawings to accompany a full suite of .DXF cutting files for quotation and product creation.

Commercial and Visualisation

To assist the client with gaining approval from market leaders and suppliers in the sector, they requested visual aids to display aesthetic options and well as a range of aftermarket modifications and finishes. The team also used a selection of contacts in the aluminium construction sector to formulate and assess the cost-benefit analysis of the product.

This led to further research and development, allowing the client to offer a product range, as well as being able to add percentage value through a selection of product-compatible extras. Some of these extras were already available through the clients’ trade site, so this cross-compatibility offered a significant sales uplift opportunity.

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