Design and Development of a zero-emissions outboard engine

MedTec designed, developed and supported the prototype build of an outboard engine for Ecomar Propulsion.


Ecomar Propulsion


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MedTec designed, developed and supported the prototype build of an outboard engine for Ecomar Propulsion.

With a good understanding of mechanical design in the marine sector, MedTec was approached to complete the initial design and drawing package for the prototype production for the first of a range of electric outboards.

Our team worked closely with the technology department in our client’s team to design to meet tight constraints, as well as engineering innovative and functional solutions. Our in-house FEM analysis was extremely useful in areas where stress below the water line was paramount to the success of the design. It also allowed us to remove unnecessary weight from internal machined components, where a heavily mathematics-based process would usually be adopted.

We also offered continual support during the manufacture of the concept, with regular contact with component manufacturers across the UK to ensure any changes were documented. This ongoing design resource was greatly received by our client –as it streamlined the process and reduced the need for a complex communication chain.

FEM analysis is extremely useful for validating designs as well as ensuring the safety of vital operational components. It also can be done with a quick turnaround, offering proof of concept within a day –rapidly accelerating the design process.

We also utilised the sheet metal tooling manager within the 3D inventor software to accurately detail flat patterns of cut parts, whilst also specifying welding requirements for assembly and production. This sheet metal format allows for optimum transfer to the drawing package, reducing the need for errors during conversion and improving manufacturing precision.

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Due to the envelope of the design, the team faced challenges incorporating standard fit outboard components within the design. This was resolved by designing and fabricating custom parts, as well as creating unusual but highly effective routing paths for the necessary cabling and pipework. To reduce the cost of bespoke manufacture, the team designed using a minimalist approach. This involved using as few assembled parts as possible, whilst ensuring that off-the-shelf ancillaries used were applicable.

We are proud to have supported Ecomar Propulsion with this project and look forward to offering continued support throughout the design and manufacture of associated outboard products.

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