Designing a New Pipe Routing System for a 1930s Yacht

Using various software packages, we designed and modelled a pipe routing system on a refurbished 1930s yacht.





Autodesk Inventor 2017, Vault 2017

‘My Alicia’ Project

The motor Yacht spans 50m and was built originally in 1930. The owner extended the yacht by 7m and replaced 90% of the steelwork.

MedTec was contracted out by Canark to do pipe routing systems on the boat. The 3D modelling software was Autodesk Inventor 2017 combined with a database called Vault 2017, this allowed multiple people to use the assembly model at once. We were supplied with the surface models and the structure. Their engineers had created ACAD 2d drawings schematics of the routing systems, this included chilled water, greywater, black water, HVAC, mech vent, hydrant, bilge, and hydraulics.

Our goal was to 3d route around the ship to take all the different systems and route it in such a way to allow for access and clearance around the steelwork. As the project progressed it was clear that the interiors (net space) needed modelling into the overall assembly. DU provided 2d ACAD drawings with various plan and section views showing the paneling and access hatches. MedTec undertook the task of 3D modelling all the interior and access areas it became clear this was vital in the way the pipe routing was laid out.

Once the pipe routing was agreed upon and approved, the next task was to create isometric piping layout drawings using our 3d model pipe routing. This also allowed the BOM to be accurate quantities for valves, elbows, and flanges, etc. Also, we were tasked to add the electrical trays out, again using basic supplied drawings. We 3d modelled the trays in position. 2D drawings were created to show positions and sizing. MedTec was involved in the project for around 2 years with a team totaling 8 people.

Her launch was in August 2018.

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