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Oil & Gas

MedTec have more than thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of wire line equipment and are supported by a large and highly skilled engineering team, well versed in use of the latest 3D modelling and finite element analysis technology. 

MedTec have been providing product design, engineering and draughting services for clients in the oil and gas sector since 1983. Our services are tailored to suit customer needs and include full product development, update of existing products, straightforward drafting services, promotional drawings and animations.

We have gained an excellent reputation for engineering prowess over the years, along with an excellent reputation for business ethics. You can be assured that all aspects of your business are held in complete confidentiality.

CAD & Engineering Design Specialists in Hampshire MedTec Design

Component Inspection

Although MedTec offers a range of services, the backbone of the company is its engineering services section. With over 15 years’ experience MedTec has the expertise to operate a fully portable five-axis digitising arm for inspection and design purposes. Using this equipment, it is possible to measure intricate shapes within tolerances equal to 0.03mm.

The acquired data can then be used to produce detailed drawings or to evaluate mechanical properties. Offering this service MedTec have assisted many clients to extend the service life of equipment for which spare parts are no longer available.

Oil & Gas Case Study

Because of MedTec’s of experience in the design and manufacture of wire line equipment supported by a large and highly skilled engineering team, MedTec were approached  by one particular client to develop a complete range of pressure control equipment which was designed to  be as compact and as light as possible, while not compromising serviceability in any way.

In every product, small details were incorporated to ensure ease of use and redress, as well as absolute safety. Industry standard unions were used, so that the items could be used individually, with existing equipment, or supplied in full sets along with associated control and injection systems.

Slick Line Tools & Flow Control Products

MedTec also assisted in the design of a wide range of slick line tools and flow control products working  on everything from a blind box or a piece of stem to a custom designed tool for a specific purpose. 

MedTec’s history with this sector gave us the  experience to design hydraulic control and injection and pressure test equipment for this client also.  Our Designers understand that these units need to be rugged, robust and as compact as possible. Only tried and tested components were specified.  We designed Frames to handle rough treatment and to offer adequate protection to internal components,  designed and certified to DNV 2.7-1 and other applicable standards.

Due to the extreme costs of some of these parts, we developed a virtual stock library as to not waste money on stock items. We supplied our client with full drawing packages and CGI of all components to be used in sales and marketing materials.