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Whether you need design draughtspersons or a CAD outsourcing service for short or long term contracts, MedTec can arrange suitable staff at competitive rates to fulfil your requirements.

Our CAD operators can work in your premises or from the MedTec offices, travelling for design reviews and meetings when required.

Here at MedTec, our contract staff have years of experience and we invest in updated training. Whilst not out on contract, we are dedicated to constantly updating our staff’s skill-set, providing experience on each new software package brought into the company. 

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Reduce Your Costs

Outsourcing some or all of your CAD drawing requirements to MedTec provides you with a fast, reliable and economical service. Outsourcing can reduce your financial costs by reducing staffing levels, and at the same time, increase your drawing capacity.

MedTec offer a fast turnaround time which can increase your productivity. We understand that this is important for a busy company, so we are dedicated to working with your company to produce high quality drawings, suitable for your needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Projects can be budgeted without incurring additional capital expenditure on computer aided design hardware/software.
  • Manage the peak and trough workloads dictated by the industry.
  • No additional costs associated with permanent employment.
  • Staff head count does not increase. 
  • No minimum term contract.

Outsourcing Case Study

Companies occasionally encounter the need to change their standard, go-to CAD systems. This process involves converting the entirety of their CAD data from one format to another, and can be a very daunting prospect for an organisation to consider. However, MedTec Design Services are seasoned professionals in this process, and can be relied upon to handle the change-over seamlessly.

We were recently contracted by a large defence company and tasked with managing the conversion of all their existing SolidWorks data, into the Autodesk Inventor software package. This assignment consisted of identifying, registering, checking, repairing, and converting over 4,000 3D CAD models and assemblies. The resulting data was then returned back to the client in a clear, concise and user-friendly package, slotting perfectly back into their existing data management system.

We were also tasked with organising and managing this client’s technical documentation. This consisted of identifying, sorting, registering and checking over 1,000 PDF documents, and resulted in the delivery of a highly structured and organised package of fully-registered data.