MedTec Design Services


Since 2001 MedTec have been the go-to supplier for external CAD resource for Vestas Technology on the Isle of Wight.

On a regular rolling basis we provide experienced contract design staff whether it be an individual or a team of contractors to support them with the peaks and troughs of their blade design projects.

Over the years we have built up a vast amount of experience in the field.  Working closely alongside Vestas designers we have joined them in their technology journey, as small hand built blades have developed into the large advanced composite blades we see today.  We believe that it’s this level of experience along with the flexibility of our service and the trained staff we are able to supply that has helped us build such long lasting relationship. 

CAD & Engineering Design Specialists in Hampshire | MedTec Design
  • Blade design – For varying lengths, MW platforms, climates and wind conditions
  • Composite blade components – Structural webs and component design
  • Mechanical blade components
  • Tooling / Mould design – Jigs, tools, mould frame, heating systems
  • Blade to hub interface
  • Lightning protection
  • Blade transportation
  • Material kitting
  • Laser projection
  • Drawing packages