3D Printing & Model Making

MedTec’s roots began with model making and it’s something we continue to do today but now with the help of our numerous 3D printers!

Advanced 3D Printing Capabilities

At MedTec we use multiple Ultimaker 3 extended and Ultimaker S5 FDM (Fuse Deposition Modelling) printers, MedTec can produce detailed and complex models to a high degree of accuracy whilst improving printing performance. A 3D printed model is a perfect way to showcase your concept at any design meeting, physically demonstrating intent as well as providing a talking point with prospective clients. It also allows critical design issues to be identified at an early stage, allowing for rapid rectification and greater cost savings in the long term. 

Alternatively, a 3D model is a great sales tool to promote the finished concept, as well as being a great way of keeping a design record for future iterations.

Expert Design and Engineering Team

With a design and engineering-based ethos, our team is well suited to helping you to turn your idea into a physical component. Our attention to detail, rigorous checking procedures and ISO certification assures our standards are at the highest level.

The wealth of knowledge within the team is second to none. This allows us to highlight possible developments for your ideas, as well as design flaws that may be unknown until the prototyping stage. With this, we can work with you closely to optimise and produce the best concept, tailored to your requirements.

Wide Range of Printing Materials

To allow for the most accurate printed prototype possible, MedTec offer prints in a wide variety of materials. This long list includes common conceptual materials such as ABS, PLA and Nylon, whilst offering new and exciting materials such as the flexible TPU95A and recyclable PLA. This adaptive range of possible solutions allows us to consider such characteristics as strength, impact resistance and thermal protection, delivering you the best possible composition matrix to meet your requirements. Nearly all the materials we offer come in a variety of colours. This allows for multi-body assemblies to be constructed for easy analysis of interaction, or simply giving you your concept in your favourite colour!

With the variety of materials and characteristics available, this allows the potential for batch production. Products such as hinges, clips or fastening brackets are ideal for this type of rapid prototyping. Due to the accuracy and fine adjustment available, the precision of the batch is near perfect. This accuracy allows for repeatability in testing, as well as offering an identical selection of parts to send to prospective clients.

Our 3D Printers

We use our Ultimaker Printers in a variety of ways:

Enhancing Traditional Model Techniques

While 3D printing can act as a replacement for conventional model techniques, it can also enhance them. As complex geometric features and constraints can be made, parametrically detailed designs are now possible. One such application could be the design of architectural projects, from standalone dwellings to complex residential systems. MedTec has had experience in a multitude of architectural projects, allowing us to create functional models whilst also incorporating handcrafted modelling techniques to enhance the design aesthetic.


Being able to see the bigger picture is something many clients struggle with, as it is either unscalable or lacks tangibility. 3D printing combats both issues, allowing physical interaction with the product. It can also be used to see how a design would interact within its working environment, highlighting any major flaws before moving to full-scale production.

Due to the high cost in both time and money when using traditional modelling methods, printing offers a rapid, cost-effective solution to this. Due to the nature of the rapid prototyping process, it is possible to return your part to you within the working week, dependent on complexity. This allows you to get back to the important bit – the actual design.

The wide range of filaments available allows us to tailor your design to meet your exact requirements. Post-processing can also be added to enhance the printed material’s aesthetics, with different materials responding in unique ways to sanding and polishing. The use of the dual-core dissolvable filament allows undercut geometry to be modelled and constructed, which can simply be washed away. This leaves an accurate and highly aesthetic finish to your design.

The best part about 3D printing is iteration. It allows for constant repeatability of design intent whilst being able to change small details and reprint. This is a great tool for when working on products that may require multiple iterations before reaching the final design.

"Whilst working for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, I have developed an excellent working partnership with MedTec Design Services, with respect to the design packages they have undertaken for the business. They function extremely well as an integral part of the development team for wind turbine blade production tooling projects.

When I communicate the project requirements to MedTec, the feedback I receive gives me confidence that we have a mutual understanding of the design challenges, and that the solution can be developed without excessive intervention from myself. They have been innovative and value conscious, react positively to scope creep, and always keep sight of a project's goals and objectives. I have also been impressed with their cost- effective manufacturing capabilities, and 3D printing facility for prototypes and production parts. MedTec represent an image of trust and integrity and I am delighted have them as local, go-to design consultants."
Paul Gilliam
Production Engineer | MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Simple and Stress-Free 3D Printing Process

To turn your idea into a 3D printed prototype or model, the process is extremely easy and stress free.

1. Send us a prepared .STL file of your chosen part or concept. This will allow us to give you an accurate quote for printing whilst considering the lead time of your part. We can then discuss the end goal of the part to allow us to select a suitable print material
2. If you do not have a model, feel free to send us any reference images for our design team. We can create and adapt any designs you have, often with a rapid turnaround to production.
2. Quantity! Let us know how many of the part you require. With a variety of options and printers at our disposal, volume production is possible. In the past we have produced over 150 identical units in one job!

Our Work

By using top-quality 3D Printers and Modelling techniques, MedTec has achieved great results for clients in a variety of sectors. View examples of our work in the case study section.