Tailored Testing Solutions for EVTOL and Aviation Industries

Reactive ⋅ Adaptable ⋅ Experienced

Our mission is to lead the design and delivery of the best test rig design and builds available. MedTec’s team has experiences from differing sectors and backgrounds. Because we believe that diversity is a key driver of innovation.

  • A team of experienced users of multiple CAD software package with the ability to create design concepts and fully dimensioned drawings working to BS8888 with best practice geometric tolerances and key characteristics.
  • Previous experience designing test and automation equipment.
  • Experience in tooling design and fabrication.
  • Experience in procurement processes including technical requirements and RFQ documentation.
  • An understanding of digital and analogue electronics, schematics, wiring diagrams, and schedules.

Our Approach

Our experienced team is committed to delivering high-quality results for our clients. We have a proven track record of helping companies achieve their cost-saving objectives through outsourcing, whilst still hitting key milestones

Working closely with our clients to understand their testing requirements and develop customised solutions that meet their unique needs. With all of our design solutions we use FEA to predict the behaviour of our rigs under load, ensuring safety and compliance with stringent aviation regulations.

Our rigs will often feature interfacing plates that enable the consolidation and reconfiguration of components during testing phases, increasing efficiency and flexibility.

Should our clients require a turnkey solution we conduct manufacturing trials to ensure that machining tolerances are satisfied while maintaining component strength attributes, ensuring the highest quality in our products.

We tailor our approach to meet your project’s unique needs. Working from concept to creation, ensuring quality without delays. Our flexible pricing adapts to your project’s scale, offering value and precision.

At MedTec, we specialise in developing custom modular test rigs specifically for the EVTOL and aviation industries. With our expertise in modular rig design and manufacture, we provide tailored testing solutions to meet the unique needs of these industries and have been supporting clients like Lilium, GKN and GE for many years.

Our highly experienced and qualified engineers seamlessly integrate with your team, tools, and processes, utilising advanced software and iterative design processes to ensure that our modular rigs are both robust and configurable, meeting industry-wide regulatory standards.

How we support our clients

Our Work

For over 40 years MedTec has provided engineering design seevices to organisations who lack their own in-house facilities, and a support service to those whose own staff are overloaded – a flexible workforce available at a moment’s notice to support the engineering community.