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MedTec have gained experience in producing small, medium and large sized tooling design projects to encourage process improvement and reduce production time.

Due to the success of many projects this sector has grown in the past year to see us taking on both a larger quantity, and tasks larger in complexity. We now have a relationship with clients where we are tasked with identifying process improvements, discussing requirements with engineers, and concept creation through to final design with the option of manufacturing support.

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MHI Vestas Offshore Wind - Testimonial

Whilst working for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, I have developed an excellent working partnership with MedTec Design Services LTD, with respect to the design packages they have undertaken for the business.

They function extremely well as an integral part of the development team for wind turbine blade production tooling projects. When I communicate the project requirements to MedTec, the feedback I receive gives me confidence that we have a mutual understanding of the design challenges, and that the solution can be developed without excessive intervention from myself.

They have been innovative and value conscious, react positively to scope creep, and always keep sight of a project’s goals and objectives. I have also been impressed with their cost-effective manufacturing capabilities, and 3D printing facility for prototypes and production parts. MedTec represent an image of trust and integrity and I am delighted have them as local, go-to design consultants.

Paul Gilliam, Production Engineer – Tooling

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Ivapps Enston Valve

We  worked extremely closely with our client through all stages of this project. We were present at manufacturing design reviews, site surveys and any field testing. We offered our client a full 3D Modelling and drawing package which utilised MedTec’s experience from the oil and gas sector and manufacturing methods.

Our clients were extremely pleased with the service provided and below is a brief description of the product we helped develop.

About the IVAPPS Enston Valve

The Ivapps  Enston Valve offers the first significant advancement in valve design for the last 200 years.

It is based on the principle that it is easier to change out the inner workings of the valve itself rather than to replace the entire valve unit along with all the resultant disruption and inconvenience that this can entail. This is achieved by closing down the through flows and isolating the valve, an operation that allows the system to remain pressurised and the easy removal and replacement of the valves component parts.

Current design configuration provides for input piping between 150 and 900 mm, is capable of operating with temperatures of up to 700° F and ensures a Valve Coefficient of close to conventional even at the maximums of flow rate and operating temperature. The slick design and stainless steel construction ensures a prolonged lifespan and the valves, upon recovery, are full repairable/recyclable thereby further reducing the environmental impact of the entire system throughout its working life.